Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Year, New You – My Rethink

I think when I wrote my last post I was in a bad mood because it was quite pessimistic. However, I am now in a much better mood and trying to be optimistic. Kerri – my dear sister, read my last post and was complimentary but also gave me some advice. New Year resolutions don’t necessarily have to be fitness related. This hadn’t even occurred to me. I guess my brain is so focused on exercise and fitness still, that I didn’t even think about other goals that I could set myself that would be realistic considering my health.

Kerri and my auntie have suggested that I write down my M.E journey so far and continue to do this until, hopefully, I recover. My auntie said she would then turn this into a book. I am out of my depth when it comes to writing, I feel like I can barely write this blog, let alone a book! (With a bit of luck this offer still stands from my Auntie!! We haven’t spoken about it in a while!) This WILL be one of my New Year resolutions.

Another of my resolutions needs to be to sort out my diet. I know what I eat is not ideal for someone with M.E, however, knowing what is ideal to eat and eating what is ideal is very different for someone who can’t stand up for long enough and doesn’t have the energy to prepare a meal! I try to get my five a day and I drink a lot of water but if no one is around to make me any food I will leave it hours before I eat. Hopefully, with the help of a friend I am going to start eating more regularly throughout the day, and with any luck this will help my energy levels increase!

I hope all of your New Year resolutions are going well and you are sticking to them! Is it too late for me to make my resolutions? I’m only two weeks late! Those who know me wouldn’t expect anything less!!

Take care,

Rachel x


  1. Visited your post about ME; I suffer from FMS/CFS and resolutions are hard for me to stick to--you never know how your day will be. My thought is goals are plans until you put them into action--so I recommit every day to my best; I blog at New Journeys on Old Roads - Traveling with Van Hess and Tweet @VanHessTXred

  2. Thank you for reading my blog! I totally understand what you mean about never knowing what your day will be like. Days and even hours are so up and down, things are so hard/nearly impossible to keep constant. Thank you for your advice! I will be sure to look at your blog!