Sunday, 2 November 2014

ME and My Trip To London

A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend in London. I had visited her before but never had I gone up in my electric wheelchair, alone. 

When arranging my trip, it sounded amazing. I couldn't wait to go and see Isobel and spend the night in her flat with her and have a catch up and a takeaway! 

Jack drove me to the station and came in to make sure I got on the train okay. Well, I missed the train. Wheelchair + train + ramp = Must be at the station at least 15 minutes before departure. I am the worst timekeeper ever and arrived at the platform as the train pulled away. I got on the next train, (I had paid to get on a certain train so they were lovely to let me get on the next one for free!) then the crying began. I cried non-stop from Brighton to London. Reality hit. I was alone. I had to get myself across London all by myself in my chair. Luckily I was in the disabled area on the train so no-one was about to hear my blubbering. I was going to get off at the first station I came to and turn around and come home. I was panicking BIG TIME. I wanted to get home to my comfort zone and safety. 

However, I didn't get off the train. I stayed on it and got to London Victoria. Mum had persuaded me to go and ask for help from the bus kiosk, and they couldn't have been nicer. A guy took me to the bus, put me on it, and asked the driver to tell me when I had to get off. My nightmare was over.. I was on the bus fine with no difficulty whatsoever. All that worrying for nothing!! 

I am so pleased I perserved and stayed on the train because I had a brilliant time with Isobel. We had a proper catch up and had a laugh and had fun. 

I have now overcome my fear of London Buses and will be confident to go up to London on my own in my chair. 

I could only think of the worse possible things that could happen on that train and on my journey across London, and none of those things came true. My mind told me various things, trying to get me to go home but I showed ME who was boss and went and had fun! 

Don't believe the stories that your mind tells you,

Take Care,

Rachel xxx

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