Sunday, 31 August 2014

ME and the MS Abseil

Today, Freddie and Jack walked off, and down, a cliff for me and to raise money for the MS Treatment Centre that I go to. I have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy there. The centre are amazing and help so many people with neurological conditions, using various therapies. 

I've been having HBO since October last year, and I try to have at least one session a week. It is heavily subsidised which is why I thought it was so important to get the boys to do this fundraiser. I would have absolutely loved to have done the abseil but I don't have the strength in my arms or legs. It was brilliant to watch to abseil but a bit heartbreaking too, the fact that I couldn't participate, and also, for the fact that Freddie and Jack were doing this for me, because I'm ill. 

The car park was about 150 metres from the cliff top. After the abseil, the walk back to the car was agonising. It took me about 20/25 minutes. These are the times that it really hits me hard. I think it's due to my fitness background, that I can't bare it when my walking is this bad. I get embarrassed. I feel like everyone is pitying me. I get frustrated that my legs won't move how I want them to and at the speed I want them too. THIS is the reason Freddie and Jack took part today. Although it was absolutely awful, it illustrated quite well why they did it. 

Together, the boys raised £265. This money is so vital to the survival of the centre and to the survival of people that use the centre. That might sound dramatic but the therapies that the centre offers, can help prolong lives. Thank you to every single person who donated. It means the world to me and to the centre.  


Take care,

Rachel xxx

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